DIY Garage Door Tips

Garage doors play an essential role in the operation of a home.

Not only do they offer security for your property, but also, when properly insulated, offer one of the best soundproofing properties.

As a result, you get an energy-efficient home, with less noise.

Besides, with the right type of accessories, you can achieve quieter door operations.

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All these and many more are among what any homeowner needs to know about their garage door.

Types of garage doors

If you are a new homeowner looking to replace or install a garage door in your house, then you need to identify the types of garage doors in the market.

Depending on the opening mechanism, you can get a tilt-up canopy door, a swing door, a roll-up garage door, or even a slotted panel garage door.

While some doors operate on hinges, like the swing door, others use different mechanisms to roll or rise to the ceiling, where they lie flat or around a drum.

Depending on the material, you can get fiberglass garage doors or composite wood.

Also, there are wooden doors, steel, and aluminum garage doors.

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Each has its share of merits and demerits. For instance, the aluminum doors are resistant to rusting but dent easily.

Steel, on the other hand, is more durable than aluminum takes more force, but rust quickly.

Wood, being the right choice, requires high maintenance, while the glass, low maintenance doors are fragile, and a tiny stone could bring down a whole garage door.

Types of garage door openers

When you install a garage door, it makes more sense to accompany it with a garage door opener.

These make your work more comfortable as you do not have to fight the rain when opening your door or spend all your breakfast lifting the door.

They come in two major types, belt driven and chain driven.

The belt-driven is silent compared to their chain counterparts.

However, they need more maintenance since the belts wear out faster compared to the chains.

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In the event of buying a new opener, make sure you know how much your garage door weighs.

Otherwise, you will find yourself always locked out of your garage if the door outweighs the capability of your opener.

Additional safety features on automatic garage doors

Garage doors come with some other features to make their operation more efficient and safer.

That means they have a manual disconnect cord.

In the event of a failing opener, you can pull on it to disengage the opener.

Fitted at a reachable height, they are such that any adult can access them.

Also, some garage doors come with a vibration indicator. When opening, the vibrations increase, and so the light goes on.

Finally, the electric eye safety system serves as the auto-reversal feature.

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Fitted on both ends of the garage door, the eye checks for any obstructions in the path of the garage door.

If any, the direction changes, and it resumes its original position.

This feature comes in handy when you have kids and pets that may cross the garage door without carefully checking.

Maintenance procedures of your garage door

The maintenance of the garage door is paramount if you are to enjoy excellent services for a longer time.

By maintaining the door, you can clean the debris on the door track and dry the area.

Also, if there are any dents on the track, straighten them out.

These could be dangerous, especially if the door slides out of track through these points.

Another critical aspect of maintaining your garage door is the lubrication.

By greasing the path and applying spray lubricant on the bearing, you increase the lifespan of your garage door.

You can also clean the door to keep the appeal on point.

Finally, you can replace the belts or chain on the garage door opener.

However, if you need to work on the springs, call for an expert.

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Garage door insulation

Insulating a garage door serves the overall good of protecting your home.

With proper insulation, your electricity bills decrease considerably since the AC works less to heat and cool the air from the garage.

Also, by insulating your garage door, you are introducing a layer of soundproofing to your home.

Now, you will not have to hear your neighbour driving their car out of the driveway, or the noise from the highway.

Also, the door becomes more robust, thus offering better protection for your property.