Garage door won’t close

There are several reasons why your garage door will not close.

As a standard user, it might be difficult to identify the reason why.

However, you should be able to troubleshoot most of the problems with your garage door.

You do not want to be trapped inside or locked out of the garage.

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If your garage door won’t open partially or completely, there could be a problem with the door sensors, or a misaligned track.

Or sometimes the door will open and then auto-reverse back to close position.

One of the best ways to identify if it is a problem with the photo-eyes or door sensors is flickering or blinking lights on the opener.

Besides there being a problem with the sensors, be sure that the up-limit and close-limit switches are in the right position.

This will ensure that the door opens fully, and closes full-length.

Moreover, the motor will stop when it should and consequently your garage door.

How to check a problem with garage door sensors.

If your door won’t close, then your safety reversed sensors have been altered, damaged, or the wiring going into the sensors need to be checked.

So what you will do, check both of the sensors on either side of your garage door.

Garage Door Won't Close
Garage door won’t open all the way. Try using your wall-mount opener switch

You will find the sensors way down almost closer to the floor.

Way down at the very bottom these sensors and those are supposed to be steady, not blinking.

Make sure that the left side of the internal portion of the garage door, the sensor LED light is blinking green.

You will also have to check the color on the other sensor.

The opposite side is steady and it is Amber or orange.

And these little centers have eyes basically, they kind of look like security cameras.

However, these all eyes inside these little sensors basically run a beam all the way to the opposite side to the other sensor.

And they look at each other right in the eyes and in the event that they are not looking at each other right in the eyes.

If the beam is altered maybe by a ball or someone else walking either out of the garage or inside the garage and you interrupt that beam, the garage door is going to open.

In the event that it was attempting to close or in the process of closing, it will auto-reverse.

My garage door sensors are blinking.

The sensors must not be blinking.

So what you will do is try to align this with the one that’s not green.

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Installing a garage door opener for a commercial premises. Our technician attaches the door to the opener

The first thing you want to do obviously is dust it off. Make sure there’s no leaves, no dust, no cobwebs on either of these.

Or anything that could be interrupting the actual beam.

However, in the event that you check both sensors and they’re completely clean.

No debris is interrupting and you have no objects in between the far beam, it’s time to loosen up these wing nuts.

When trying to set up the wings on the door track, you will have to tighten the nuts.

The problem could be the wing is loosened.

When the light is blinking Green, and the wing is tightened, then you will need to head over to the other sensor and align it afresh.

This one you will notice that it is Orange or Amber but it does not blink.

The best thing that you will need to do is to make sure that the wing is tightened.

Ensure that the two are well aligned such that they are parallel to each other.

Once the alignment is done, the sensors should not prevent your door from closing.

Test if the door closes.

Garage Door Sensor Blinking
Blinking garage door sensors for a commercial garage or Parking lot

When the safety sensors are aligned, the door opener should work just perfectly.

The opener will go all the way down and close your garage door.

A garage door not closing is a problematic issue that could bring a headache.

However, if you are keen enough to carry out these tips, you should not be locked out of your garage door.

If you are not able to fix the problem, make sure you call your garage door company for repair and installation services.