How to insulate Garage Door

Using Rigid Insulating Foam Liners to Insulate a Garage Door.

If you are concerned about insulating your garage door either to contain the warmth of your home or prevent cold air from getting through it, then this is perfect for you.

There are several materials you could use for door insulation.

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However, you are not limited to what you can use if it doesn’t jeopardize the structural integrity of the door.

With the easiest of products such as some rigid foam liners, you should be all set.

But how do you go about DIY garage door insulation?

You can start off by getting some measurements of your garage door panels.

Then you can move on to cutting the foam.

There are numerous ways in which you can cut the foam.

One of the best ways is by trying to draw straight lines with a speed square.

With a sharp knife, a circular saw, or a jigsaw cutting the board should be a lot easier.

Cut the board equal to the door panels.

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You can now make your pieces to the sizes that you measured on the garage door.

However, you will want to ensure that the dimensions of the cut foams do not become too heavy for your door.

You will have to be exact with your dimensions here.

The inside dimension of an average garage door panels is roughly one and three quarters inches thick.

If you notice that the boards are thicker, you can use some tools to gnaw away the thicker panels so that you can slide into the opening and not bulge the garage door.

If you’re going to be purchasing materials to insulate your garage door, you can always purchase whatever fits your garage door.

You always have the option of requesting custom panels from your garage door company.

If you notice any problems with your cut panels, be sure to wrap them around until they fit into your panels perfectly.

Disassembling the door

You also might need to remove the cross member of the door so that you can slide the bottom pieces in, but that should be quick work.

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For the upper cross members, you can slide the panels underneath.

However, not all doors have cross members.

When all the foam is applied to all the panels, you might notice some of the panels are not quite even.

Those with rough edges can be cut by hand to ensure everything lies perfectly in place.

For those that will appear sunken in the door, you can use a suction pump to slightly pull them up.

Stick the foam to the door.

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If you do not have the router or a rabbiting tool to cut the foam insulation in panel sizes, you have the option of cutting each panel into small sizes.

You will then have to use a foam board adhesive to stick them onto your door panels.

But you have to use stuff specifically designed for foam board or expanded polystyrene because any type of solvents are actually going to eat up the insulation and it just, it just won’t work.

Alternative garage door insulation.

To maintain the aesthetics of your door, you will most likely paint the inside surface of the foam white.

However, this is optional and can be fine as it is. It’s just an aesthetics thing.

If this insulation is not structurally defining your liking, you could use hardboards to enhance the insulating foams.

With an eight-inch hardboard, either screw it or riveted to each of the door panels.

That way you can even put some insulation into it and it’d be just that much better.

And then the hardboard would be a lot more durable than, than just painted foams.

Even though this outline sounds sketchy, it will provide you with a rough idea of how to get your garage more warmer than usual.

Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Maintenance
Panel replacement is much cheaper than replacing the entire door.

I would recommend using the hardboards since they are durable and will enhance the insulation.

However, this is a handy way to insulate your garage door.

Garage Door Company in California.

You can always call a professional garage door company for insulation services.

A door technician will be able to install weather strippings that will add to the insulation.

Moreover, you might not be able to identify the best insulation material for your custom garage door.

With their skill and expertise, they will be of great help.

At Western Garage Door, we have the experience to install and replace worn out insulating weather strips.

Also, we can provide you with custom insulated panels for your garage door ensuring you do not need to further call for insulation.