How To Properly Maintain Your Garage Door

How to properly maintain your garage door

Like any other mechanical moving part, a garage door is susceptible to damage due to friction and vibrations.

With time, you will notice the door starts to creak, and jerks when opening or closing.

Worn out springs or track bearings could be a problem, which can often be resolved by an expert.

But why not try and do simple maintenance not only to increase the lifespan of your garage door but also to improve performance efficiency?

Garage door maintenance can sometimes involve the strenuous activities of replacing the springs and replacing your garage door opener.

However, today, we will be going for the easy, routine maintenance that is very important to your garage door.

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Since the garage door already has the torsion and extension springs to lift and close the door, traction on the tracks is not very important.

However, with time, the garage door grinds on the trails, making them weak for operation and holding the door in place.

However, you can always avert the problem before it happens with some occasional lubrication.

Also, when it comes to the bearings on the garage door frame or the cable drum, then lube would go a long way into adding into the lifespan of your garage door system.

For the opener’s chain, some solid grease will do.

However, for the hard to reach places, such as the overhead springs, use a spray lubricant.

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Weatherstripping replacement

When you install a garage door at home, it is standard procedure to include some weatherstripping at the bottom to offer some level of insulation.

However, with time, and constant pressure from your garage door and vehicles, the material becomes brittle or could crack.

All these overwrite the overall function of the weatherstripping.

So, rather than face all the trouble of old material, why not replace it.

You can get the material from your local hardware store, and slot them into place in your house, placing the broader side of the weatherstripping inside your home.

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Clean the garage door tracks

One of the major causes of a stuck garage door is dirt on the trails.

The dirt could accumulate from the buildup of lubricants, as a result of friction, and sometimes snow.

When the track is dirty, then you will have a hard time opening or closing your garage door entirely.

To avoid such problems, you could always take two minutes a week and remove dirt and debris from the tracks.

Don’t forget to groom the door

Metal garage doors
If you are looking for strong garage doors, then metal garage doors are the way to go.

The garage door often experiences the harshness the weather has to offer.

During summer, it stands exposed to the heat of the sun, which changes for the snow in the winter.

These conditions could easily lead to damages on your garage door.

For instance, when exposed to heat, the wood could crack, and when exposed to melting snow, or water, the door could either rot or rust.

Either way, it is essential to keep an eye on the door too.

If you see spots, you can always sand the door and apply some paint.

Also, to avoid stains and a dirty look on your door, you can clean it using a mild cleaning agent.

Inspect the cables

Garage door operation depends mainly on the cables that pull the door up and down, with the help of the torsion springs.

Well, when it comes to the torsion springs, avoid them at all costs.

A little carelessness when handling these springs could lead to some severe injuries.

However, for the cables, you can check them to ensure they are Ok.

Once you notice some weak points, where the cable seems to break, you can call an expert for repairs.

Finally, you can always check the safety features on your door

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Imagine getting out of your garage, only for the door to slam into your trunk on your way out.

That would be not only highly expensive but also life-threatening.

To avoid such, manufacturers fit some auto-reverse safety features on your garage door.

There are two main types of these features, mechanical and the photocell enabled.

The mechanical features reverse the direction of the garage door once it comes in contact with an object on the ground.

The photocell, on the other hand, has beams on each side, which prompt reversal, when the connection breaks.

You can test for these, and when you notice any anomaly, call our garage door experts in CA.