Locked Out Of Your Garage Door

How do you identify the causes of garage door problems?

We all experience those days when nothing is going your way.

So, imagine after such a day, and you get home to find the garage door locks jammed.

Well, it would take a lot of patience to handle the issue.

If locked out of your garage door, where do you start?

How do you also open the door?

What could be the reason for the lockout on your garage door?

How do you resolve that in the shortest time possible?

Sometimes, you are on your way to work, and the garage door won’t close.

What do you do?

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Well, we are here to help. Below are some of the reasons and solutions to your garage door lockout.

Tips for troubleshooting for garage door lockout

Sometimes, you get home and when you press the button on your remote to open the garage, and nothing happens.

After a wise first step resolution, which involves replacing your remote batteries, then you can try again.

If that fails, then you need to troubleshoot your garage door to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

So, how can you conveniently and effectively troubleshoot your garage door?

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Start by checking the garage door opener

Sometimes, you could be struggling to get the door to open or close when the opener is not plugged in.

The garage door opener, being an electrical machine, requires a power supply to operate.

So, before you get your coat off, ready to grab a ladder and disconnect the opener, make sure it has a sufficient power supply.

However, at the time, the opener is ok, but for some reason, the breaker tripped.

In such a case, just open the switch and try opening your garage door.

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Check is someone locked the garage door

In some cases, you could be having a hard time opening your garage door via remote since someone closes the door from the inside.

Also, If there is any heavy material leaning on the garage door, then the door leans too far on the track.

The amount of friction becomes too much for the garage door opener to handle.

Consequently, you end up locked out of your garage door.

Also, if someone closed the garage door, say it has a lock, then operating the door via remote becomes futile.

Try resetting the remote

Sometimes, you do all the above, and nothing still happens.

This could point towards a problem with the remote.

If you change the batteries in the remote and the problem persists, then you should try changing the settings on the remote.

Use the manual if you are new to the operation and reset it to fit the operational mode for proper operation.

Check the photo-eye

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When supplying garage doors, manufacturers fit in some safety features.

Alongside some brakes, they also fit a garage door auto-reverse sensor.

This is the part that is responsible for changing the direction of the door in case of obstruction.

These are useful, especially if you own pets and small children.

However, when there is dirt around the sensor. It assumes that there is constant obstruction.

As a result, the garage door fails to open or close until you clear the dust.

In the event of a lockout, try wiping the lens with a soft rag.

Be keen not to scratch the glass.

Then, try opening the door again.

Adjust the settings of your garage door opener

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The garage door has a parameter called the pulling force.

In this case, you enter the weight of the door, with an additional allowance.

However, this weight is bound to change with time.

When the snow lodges on the door or you put insulation on the door, then the total weight changes.

If the specified weight on the opener is less than the weight of the door, then the opener fails to lift the door, and you end up locked in or out of your garage.

To resolve this, you can always change the settings on your opener to accommodate the weight.

Finally, check the tracks

One of the major causes of a garage door lockout is when the door goes off-track.

With a part of the door on track, then, the door gets stuck and fails to move.

To resolve the issue, you might need some help or try reversing the door.

By changing, you hope that the door will follow the right track.