Why is my garage door opener not working?

There are different garage door openers available in the market today. However, that does not guarantee that the specific one you choose will not be faulty. It could be a simple problem that is making your door opener inoperable. Some of these issues are easy to notice and understand. As such, it could also be easy to fix some of them without taking a heavy toll on your finances.

Common problems with garage door openers.

Here we will list 8 common problems with your door opener. Also, some of the quick fixes that you could do to restore your door operation. It is important to check out your garage door manual before attempting any of the solutions. You could also contact a professional garage door technician to offer help.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener
Installing a garage door opener for commercial premises. Our technician attaches the door to the opener
  • Door remote not working
  • Neither the remote, wireless keypad nor the wall switch is working.
  • Garage door not closing completely.
  • Garage door reversing before and after hitting the floor
  • Door not opening fully
  • Frozen garage door especially during winter
  • The motor still running after opening/closing the door

While these are some of the problems that could prevent the opener from working properly, several other factors could be a reason. Let us delve into each of them;

Neither the remote, wireless keypad nor the wall switch is working.

If you are trying to open the door with your remote and it doesn’t budge, then you would want to try the wall switch or the keypad. When none of these switches works, chances are that there is a problem with the power source. It could be a broken circuit, blown off fuses, or the power cable is not plugged in at all.

It is easy to fix such a problem since you will have to plug in the respective cords, replace blown-out fuses, and resetting the circuit breaker. Also, it could be a problem with the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). This one will cut off the power supply in case there short-circuiting. Especially if the power is tripping down repeatedly, then you will have to check the GFCI.

Garage door opener remote not working

Even though you would want all the convenience that comes with using a garage door remote, it could spell disaster. However, if the remote is not working with your garage door, chances are that;

You are far away from the door. Since these remotes are designed to work at specified ranges, moving closer to the door could spark operations of the opener.

Dead batteries. This is another problem that could lock you out of your garage. If the opener is working fine with its wall switch, then you might need to replace the batteries of your remote.

The remote has lost its programming. Since the opener remotes is an electronic system designed to send specific commands to the opener, they sometimes lose their programming. In such a case, you will have to reset it and program afresh.

Garage door reversing before and after hitting the floor.

Garage Door Panel Replacement
Our technician replaces worn-out, broken, and damaged garage door panels.

This is a common feature that could be a problem during a garage door installation. Door openers have a close-limit switch which controls the opening and closing of the door. The adjustment screw fitted in the motor is responsible for how the door closes before switching off. If the door is reversing, then you will have to adjust the close-force setting to ensure that there is less friction on the rollers and tracks.

Damaged rollers could also cause this problem. If they are rusty, then they will add more friction which will cause the opener to stop prematurely. In such a case, you need to lubricate the rollers and ensure other parts are in perfect shape.

My garage door doesn’t open fully.

Like the case of a door reversing or failing to close completely, a door not opening completely is a problem with its up-limit switch. This switch is usually mounted on the track near the motor. If it is fitted far from the motor, it will stop before opening fully. Therefore, you will have to adjust this switch to the right position.

Also if this up-limit switch is adjusted further close to the motor unit, you will notice that the motor keeps running even after opening the door. Even though this is a rare case since it can be identified during installation, it does happen. In such a case, move the switch away from the motor unit.