Garage door & docks services in Loomis

Garage doors come with different accessories to enhance and facilitate their operation. However, you might opt for a manual garage door. But who doesn’t want automatic entry and exit from their homes? The same is also true for commercial garages. You will want to install garage door systems that enhance the convenience of operations in your industry.

At Western Garage Door CA, we give priority to every finer detail of your residential and commercial garage doors. We put your security and safety first and thus provide products that satisfy your commercial dock needs. These include dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, truck restraints, lift products, as well as related control systems.  If you need garage door & docks services in Lincoln, CA, we are the people to call.

Loomis’ best garage openers

Do you have a manual garage door in your home, and want to fix a new garage door opener? You will have to consider some of Loomis’ best garage openers. There are quite a large number of openers to choose from. Indeed, all openers are not the same. Therefore, it is crucial to find one that complements your garage door design, style and material.

Below are some of the garage door openers that you can consider;

  • Battery-powered garage openers
  • Solar-powered garage openers
  • Chain drive door openers
  • Belt drive garage door openers
  • Screw drive garage openers
  • Direct drive garage openers and so much more.

Garage doors & security gate in Loomis.

Since garage doors are our larger points of entry and exit from our homes, it is crucial to ensure that they offer high security and safety. You will have to install a sturdy and robust garage door that does not compromise on your residential and commercial safety.

If you are looking for the right garage door service, think no further than Western Garage Door CA. We have the best garage doors & security gate in Loomis, CA.

Replace a broken garage door spring in Loomis.

The mechanism that rolls your garage door up and down is fitted with a spring. Most of the time, the spring will be broken if its lifespan is complete, or if the door is misaligned and slant on either side. If you identify some space between the spring, it is a sign that it is broken. Also, if your door does not open fully, it indicates there is a problem with the garage door spring.

To replace a door spring, you will need to call a professional company for replacement services. They have the right tools and skills to decompress the spring and safely remove it from the mechanism and fit a new one. It is also essential to replace a broken garage door spring with one that matches the broken one. As a homeowner, it might be challenging to identify the finer details. The best option is to call for expert garage door services.

Bent garage door panel replacement in Loomis.

Have there been a great wind that almost blew your garage door, or perhaps you hit it with your car? There is a chance that one of the panels is damaged. To maintain the structural integrity of your garage door, it is crucial to repair or fix the panels.

If the panel is bent, then you will notice that it forces the entire door to run off the track. It could easily damage other garage door parts. Therefore, you will have to call for bent garage door panel replacement in Loomis.

A fresh garage door installation in Loomis.

Installation of a new garage door for your home or business is one that requires a well-thought-out plan. You have to identify the material to use, measure the size of the door, and also decide on the style of the door. However, you might require advice from a professional garage door expert.

Also, you will have to identify other garage door parts that work jointly with your garage door. Call us today for a fresh garage door installation in Loomis.

Tune-up and maintenance service in Loomis.

For a perfectly working garage door, you will have to carry out scheduled maintenance, as well as routine tune-up services. Dusting off garage door parts, lubricating the opener and the operator, as well as replacing weather strips, will increase the lifespan of your garage door significantly.

If you are looking for quality garage door services, we are your #1 garage door company in Loomis. We will do a good job.

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